About SSC

Staff Selection Commission or SSC was established by the government of India on 4th of November, 1975. It was called the Subordinate Services Commission then before it was renamed as SSC on the 26th of September, 1977. It deals with the recruitment of personnel for various posts under the government and conducts the Open Competitive Exams (OCE) for this purpose.


The SSC Open Competitive Exams are a number of exams that are conducted by the SSC to determine who will get to hold various posts under the Govt. of India. The Combined Graduate Level Examination (CGLE) is the well-known amongst them and that which can be attempted by students in their last year of graduate study or those who are graduates. Due to the sheer demand for these posts and the growing number of aspirants, the person attempting these exams must begin their preparation as early as possible and stick to it zealously.

Preparing for SSC OCE with Scholar’s Learning

If one needs to get to the top of a mountain then one has to begin one’s training fairly early. The analogy has been used to drive home the point that beginning one’s preparation for the SSC OCE can never begin too early. Scholar’s Learning is here to help you out with the finer points of preparation but the dedication must come from your part. We will provide you with all the updated materials and keep you updated on any changes and other information in relevance to the SSC OCE that’s made public. The tips and guidance to crack the exams are also supplemented with material designed by experts to deal with your anxiety. It is common to feel anxiety and pressure due to what feels like a daunting task but with Scholar’s Learning and your dedication, you can get to the top of that mountain.

What makes Scholar’s Learning different from other e-learning portals?

  • Scholar’s Learning has the advantage of being the most interactive and easy to grasp e-portal out there.
  • Our system is the most legible and sorted one out of the many, in accordance with your needs. There’s a handle on key topics, an option to bookmark your doubt-creating topics and/or bookmark the topics which require special attention.
  • All age groups of students are welcomed into our community and we strive to help them achieve their goals and stay motivated, dedicated and absolutely on the path of their journey.


What we offer for SSC OCE?

  • For a systematic learning, there are catalogued topics and materials.
  • For a flexible mode of study; online video tutorials and video lectures that are accessible irrespective of time and location.
  • Talks with experts on how the SSC OCE recruitment process works and how to strive for the exams that deal with your dream posts.
  • The interface is engaging and keeps you focussed without getting you bored.
  • To retain and cultivate interest, bookish knowledge is not the only knowledge we impart and we also use more engrossing techniques and materials.
  • Alongside the SSC OCE course syllabus, our registered students can also be a part of virtual conferences and question-answer sessions with experts.
  • Scholar’s Learning has quite a significant collection of questions and solutions for SSC OCE.
  • Regular self-assessment tests are provided to the students for them to keep track of their progress.
  • The skills and learning of the student are assessed by the tests in order to shape the course materials according to their needs.
  • The dynamically generated reports that we collect from the tests indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the student.
  • These reports are accompanied by a tip and suggestive content that can help a student to improve upon their weaknesses.
  • Scholar’s Learning also provides the students with dedicated forums that deal with the discussion of doubts and methods regarding questions found within the question bank as well as from outside.
  • Those students who are registered with Scholar’s Learning have access to the solutions of all the previous years’ SSC OCE and they can put forward their questions and doubts as comments and have a discussion with tutors and/or other students.
  • Periodical Quizzes on the updated SSC OCE pattern is also conducted by Scholar’s Learning in order to keep all the students in tip-top shape for the exams and the results being nationwide will give the students an idea of where they stand as a government employee.

The aim of Scholar’s Learning is to provide “Knowledge beyond Books”. In order to fulfil this aim and desire, we have experts in learning and education who strive to create course materials that are instrumental in bringing out the hidden knowledge in students.