To be a part of the creamy layer of the competitors and to see your name in the selected list you need to focus more on certain subjects. There are few subjects that are being focused by SSC to test the candidates  according to the job requirement.

Subjects to focus According to the experts, these subjects must be focused by candidates:

  • Tier 1 :- The tier 1 paper consists of
  • Logical reasoning,
  • General English,
  • Quantitative aptitude and
  • General awareness.

In this paper all the sections need equal attention but, quantitative aptitude and General English are the two sections in which you need to focus on more. Maximum candidates are weak in these two sections and, these two sections are being tested in the tier 2 exam as well. As there is no section marking some candidates think that if they attempt a few questions in the Quantitative aptitude section they will clear the tier 1 and, many of them even do it. But, when you are aiming to reach the selected list you have to practice and concentrate more on the mentioned two sections. Also, when you will focus on Quantitative aptitude, then to a great extent you will be able to perform well in logical reasoning too.

  • Tier 2 :- The tier 2 paper consists of 2 papers of equal marks of
  • Quantitative Aptitude and
  • General English

Both these paper need equal attention but, again the type of Quantitative aptitude questions asked by SSC makes the candidates focus more on it. Also, the General English paper can act as savior when you score more in it, as its questions test General English concepts and can be commanded well if practiced well. Do not forget that your competitors also include English scholars. In order to beat those candidates you need to practice this subject well, especially if your concepts of English are weak. On the whole, the sections of Quantitative aptitude and General English can be considered to be important, but this does not imply that Logical reasoning and General awareness can be neglected.