Some of the popular departments that conduct recruitment through SSC examination are Food Corporation, Income Tax Department, CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), National Investigation Agency and many more.

Getting through the selection procedure

The fact that annually more than fifteen lakhs students appear for SSC examination shows that it has huge popularity in India, yet only a handful of students are selected from the large pool of applicants. In 2015, the applicants are given the option to apply for over 62000 vacancies. No doubt, the acceptance to rejection ratio clearly depicts the fact that SSC examination is more of a rejection process than a selection. However, all it requires is hard work to get through.


General advice by toppers on how to get through SSC!

  • First of all, getting accustomed to the syllabus is essential and applicants must know their syllabus through and through.
  • Following a standard reference book is always advised.
  • Planning and studying accordingly is a foolproof method in order to get through examinations like SSC.
  • Applicants should devise their own shortcut methods as most of the questions asked in SSC involve the application of tricks and shortcuts.
  • One should remember that SSC examination test one’s accuracy and steadiness in problem solving. One can also refer to good books to learn such tricks and methods.
  • Try to finish the syllabus at least two to three months before the main examination so as to give yourself sufficient time for revision.
  • During revision, one should not try to learn any new topic and must instead focus on strengthening one’s strong points.
  • One must be on time on the day of exam and carry a watch. One must remember that the aim is to maximize one’s score and one should attempt questions judiciously as there is negative marking as well.
  • Last but not the least; one should not panic if one gets stuck. Instead, move on to the next question immediately.

Straight from the horse's mouth

While more than 90% of students get rejected, there are also a few brilliant and dedicated students who outshine all of their peers every year. Let’s see what their story is and how they made it through SSC examinations.


2010 Topper

Kanishka Kumar (Officer – Election Commissioner)

She cracked SSC – CGL in year 2010 and was one of the toppers. She said that it was the guidance of her coaches which helped her to score a good result. Apart from her coaching center, regular studies along with practicing a lot of problem sheets was what she did. Kanishka says students should make a plan and study accordingly. It is difficult to stay motivated throughout the preparation period so students should realize that. Along with following their protocols, breaks and recreational activities are important too in order to relax one’s brain.


2011 Topper

Arvind Menon (Indian Administrative Officer)

Arvind attributes his success to regular studies along with practicing problem sets and sample papers. He says solving previous year papers helped him a lot in understanding the format of the paper. Arvind also adds that the Tier 1 and Tier 2 paper of SSC – CGL is more of a test of speed and accuracy and in order to do well on the D-day applicants must solve sample papers and attempt the paper with the aim of maximizing their score within the given time. As far as personal interviews are concerned, keeping calm and answering logically is enough.


2012 Topper

Atul Goel (Examining Officer and Custom Inspector)

Atul secured 3rd rank in SSC – CGL in the year 2012. He says solving the sample paper helped him a lot in securing such a high rank. Atul further adds that doing well in any competitive examination depends on the student’s state of mind. Along with working on subjects students should also work on their willpower, and meditation is the perfect way to strengthen it. Getting sufficient sleep is equally important along with studying daily. As far as studies are concerned, following standard books and those that offer tricks to solve problems quicker are helpful.


2013 Topper

Neha Yadav (International Impact Factor Service)

According to Neha, her secret of success was practicing the problems daily. Instead of following too many books she advises that one should follow a single reference book thoroughly. Regular studies are a must to perform well in the competitive exam. Neha further says that she couldn’t crack SSC in the first attempt mainly because of the irregularity in efforts. Panicking during the paper will not help. Even if you get stuck in one question move to the next one, try to solve the paper with the objective of maximizing your score rather than answering all questions. 


2014 Topper

Prashant Kumar (Income Tax Officer)

Prashant recalls his days of preparation and according to him, perseverance along with smart efforts is the key to success. Instead of staying up whole night, Prashant preferred to wake up early in the morning and do his preparation. He also says that practicing daily and regularly was the only reason behind him being one of the toppers. He adds that being engaged in activities like sports helped him a lot in his studies, as it maintains blood circulation and students feel more confident.


To sum it up

Having said earlier that SSC examination is more of a rejection process rather than selection,  it becomes extremely important for the applicants to be vigilant and careful when they are attempting the paper due to the clause of negative marking. Moreover, taking care of oneself is equally important while preparing. Meditating, working out,  eating right, sleeping tight and not over burdening oneself out of sheer pressure because of the cut throat competition is the key to success in SSC examination.