Online preparation or coaching classes?

SSC exams are conducted in 2 stages. The Combined Graduate Prelims Exam is held once a year for selection of candidates for the main exam. Preparation for these exams is conventionally done in the form of classroom teaching. This can become very hectic. As a result, many online portals have opened up to provide flexibility in the preparation process.

Troubled by time constraints?

  • Choose your own timetable :- Classroom coaching classes have a fixed schedule for preparation packages. In most of the cases, SSC exam is given by employed people as the maximum age limit for general category public is 25 years across all categories. For them, the biggest issue during preparation in coaching classes is time constraint. They prefer coaching class timings customised according to their needs. This is not usually possible.
  • Excellent material quality :- To provide help in such situations, many online portals have opened up which provide the same level of preparation. There are many advantages of choosing online portals. They provide excellent study materials. Their regular tests ensure that the candidates know where they stand. All this, with the extra benefit of time flexibility!

Is your coaching centre too far?

  • Cut to the chase :- First of all, the candidate needs to take into account the travel time if they prefer classroom coaching. If the centre is too far, a lot of time will be wasted in travelling. Many classroom coaching classes provide options for weekend classes also. The candidate needs to decide what will be more suitable according to his/ her daily schedule.
  • Flexibility like never before :- For many, weekend classes work well. But, for those who work on weekends, this is not an option. For them, online classes are preferable. Thus, flexibility required plays a major role in deciding whether to choose classroom coaching or online coaching.

How do you prefer to study?

  • Do as you will :- Another important factor in determining what way of preparation to choose is to know what method of study is more suitable. Online preparation is best suited for candidates who study well when they are alone. Online study requires a lot of concentration and should be the most preferred option for people who like to study alone in silence without interaction with anyone else.
  • Comfort first :- For many, group study is more effective as they need constant inspiration from others to study. Thus, classroom coaching is better in such cases. Hence, the most comfortable option should be chosen according to the individual’s study pattern.

Few minor things that should be taken into consideration

Other than the above mentioned factors, there are other small things that need to be considered while weighing classroom preparation against online coaching. Small things such as proper internet connection, proper study environment sans disturbance, etc. should be taken into account while opting for online coaching classes. These days, online coaching is taking over the conventional method of classroom teaching because of the ease with which SSC exam preparation can be done without disturbing the daily schedule of the candidate.