Few tips to help you get through

Here are few tips below, which will surely help you get a clear picture of how to move forward in order to prepare the best for your exam.

  • Daily updates :- Every student in this competitive era is ready to pull up their socks and run towards preparing their best for the exam. Students need to be aware about what's happening around them and what has happened earlier. For this, you must read newspapers daily, listen to all the news and must be aware about history. This will help you score well in the General knowledge exam. Not only this, but it helps you in life and will be of the greatest help during the interview.
  • Clearing concepts and making notes :- The concepts must be clear. Any kind of mugging up should not be done, as it may be satisfying for the time being but will be of no help in the exam. Proper notes must be maintained in order to save time as it is a crucial time for the candidates. Notes will ensure that they have a guide handy whenever they need it. Maintaining notes will make them time-efficient. This will also lead to no distractions and full concentration.
  • Practice regularly :- Practice is a must, of course. Practice makes a man perfect. It is quite a tough exam and thus needs a huge amount of practice. What students do is just read through the topics and think they are familiar with them without even practicing or reading twice. Time is very crucial for the students and each second counts so students must try to revise everything periodically and not just 2-3 weeks before the exam. Ultimately, the result is good marks and a promising future.
  • Solving mock tests :- Solving papers and mock tests are of course, an added benefit and shall help in giving the students a better idea of how the paper will look. It also helps in building confidence and thus the student shall not be left dumbfounded when faced with the exam.
  • Hard work :- Hard work will surely help you achieve all of your goals as all the roads that leads to success pass through hard work. Students must remember that hard work and dedication is the key to success. How badly you want something dictates how hard you’ll work at it. So buckle up and make it happen.

Recommended books :- The books recommended are as follows:


  • SSC Staff Commission Combined Graduate Level Recruitment exam by GKP
  • Complete guide by SSC Staff Commission
  • Combined Graduate Level examination by Sanjeev Joon


  • Solved papers by Editorial Board by Pratiyogita Darpan

Along with these books, being updated with what is going around in the world is very necessary for you in order to pass the exam.