1) It is not the end of world

Not cracking the AIPMT is a very common thing as only about 2 out of 10 students usually get their desired colleges due to the cut throat competition our education system creates. One thing you have to remember is that its not the end and you still have many avenues, which may be hard but are also vital and will lead to you growing a lot as a person.

2) It is okay to drop a year

Dropping a year in the hope of being much more prepared comes with the attached social stigma and loneliness. But every second of your struggle will help you learn more and grow as a person, our society may frown and treat you badly, but never forget that success may come to anyone, but it stays only and solely with those who work hard for it. Drop the year; focus on your coaching classes and studies to come back stronger and more prepared to get that much coveted seat for you. Remember that in the end, the struggle is always worth it.

3) Other options

Giving up on your dream will never make you successful, even if you don’t get through your dream college. There are still many private universities offering M.B.B.S and B.D.S. These colleges generally have easier admission procedures at exorbitant rates.