It’s truly said that we must learn from the ones who have already conquered the war. So let’s see what these toppers of AIPMT say and what was their strategy to not only crack one of the most difficult exams, but to crack it and come out on top.  

2010 Topper

Lokesh Agarwal

All India Rank 1 holder of year 2010 says to get a good rank all you have to do is focus more on concepts and less on factual points.  Don’t skip the conceptual mechanics in Physics (Class 11) as it helps in building a strong base. Biology and Chemistry require more of combined learning and then of course, mugging.  His only advice to other aspirants is to keep studying. 

2011 Topper

Harsimar Kaur

AIR 1 in year 2011 says her success mantra is “Dedication to her studies”. She made her dream of becoming a doctor her driving force and left everything else behind.

2012 Topper

Rishabh Jain

AIPMT 2012 Topper says prepare for the exam along with school studies. For him, the school studies and coaching classes, both were equally important.  According to him, you should attend your school, study at coaching classes both but most importantly, leave time for self-study. Work on the assignments given by the coaching classes on day to day basis and refrain from procrastination.

2013 Topper

Priya Setia

AIPMT rank 1 holder in 2013 says regular evaluation and thorough practice of different mock test series helps a lot in analyzing your performance which eventually boosts your confidence.

2014 Topper

Tejaswin Jha

AIR 1 holder in 2014 quoted that all the aspirants should make sure that they study the NCERT syllabus in detail and clear all their basic concepts first. Once the concepts are clear, questions automatically become easy to tackle. Also, they should focus a little more on Biology, as the terms might be a bit difficult.