1) Pre-Exams Preparation:

  1. Start from the very beginning, that is, from 11th and 12th class itself. For any foundation, you need the base to be strong; otherwise you may not be able to quickly grasp the subject thoroughly.
  2. Focus more on NCERT first. After that, refer to other study materials.
  3. The questions in AIPMT are logical. So, you need to understand the topic thoroughly. Focus on the theory part as well apart from solving questions. 
  4. Do not forget about maintaining a balanced diet and proper sleep schedule.
  5. Find some time to entertain yourself as well. 5-10 minutes break after completing each topic is a great idea.
  6. You can join a good coaching centre so as to maintain regularity and consistency.

2) Planning your schedule:

  1. While reading, prepare self notes that just contain summary, important formulae, some important problem solutions method and diagrams.
  2. Plan out your timetable that includes each subject with equal timings.
  3. Make a list of your strong and weak points and try to work more on your weak points. Do not get overconfident.

3) Practice to be perfect:

  1. Keep a revised copy of the syllabus and know the pattern and weightage of each subject and of each topic.
  2. Try to evaluate yourself via self test. This would help you in getting to know about your faults.
  3. Solve past question papers in order to know the pattern of the exam.

4) During Exams:

  1. Do not forget to revise what you had read.
  2. Avoid reading any new topic when exams are approaching.
  3. What is basically required is hard work with a proper direction. Focus on your goals and try to do all the best you can. Lastly, have confidence in your preparation. Do not panic.