1) Two sides to it

There are two sides to this debate. Several people feel that the 12th exams are very important to decide the rest of their careers and so the child should treat the exam with sincerity, work harder day and night and try to ace it.

2) Cutting down on joy?

This means the child can cut down on some luxuries like the extra-long TV hours or time with friends at the movies to sit and prepare for the examinations.A lot of toppers of various exams give the same tip time and again; that they studied every day a little longer and that’s how they got where they are. The theory is that, this is the first step in transition to adulthood and from school to college, so the one who puts in the extra effort will go the extra mile.

3) Or keep calm and act normal?

On the other hand, there is the question as to whether the extra preparation brings with it unwanted attention and tension to the student? I wouldn’t want to be a 12th standard student in this age and time. With the tough competition, stupid stereotypes, high ambitions and cut offs and all the peer and parental pressure along with the societal pressure. If a child treats the board examinations as just any other exam, prepares like he would for a half yearly exam and go with a calm head, he might do better than the nervous bunch who worked too hard.

4) Today’s stressful scenario

The amount of work that kids put in these days is so much that it is borderline crazy – with no other engagement with the world at all. No student should lead such a mechanical life and work too hard towards a magical number that will soon be forgotten by all.

5) The beauty of balance

The coin has two valid sides to it and maybe the answer lies in the beauty of balance. It’s always about working smart rather than working hard. If you can take your board examinations as any other examination but also give a thought to its seriousness and significance in your life, you will definitely come out with flying colours.