1) Latest Pattern of AIPMT :- This is the most recent pattern and has been there since 2010. This information is revised and true as of the year 2015.

2) Structure

  1. The total number of questions in AIPMT entrance test is now 180.
  2. They are all multiple choice questions where one of the four options is right.
  3. In the three hours of the exam, students have to answer the objective questions from the following subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.
  4. Each of these subjects will have 45 questions each.

3) Marking

  1. Each question where the answer is right, the candidate will get 4 marks.
  2. There is also negative marking, that is, a student loses 1 mark for every wrong answer.
  3. The total marks that a student can get in AIPMT is 720 marks (180 questions * 4 marks each).

4) Language

  1. The question paper is available in both English and in Hindi. Candidates are asked for their preferred language when applying for AIPMT.
  2. According to their choice, they are given either English or Hindi or bilingual question paper booklet.

Note: Every student will get machine gradable sheet where they have to select the answer with a ball point pen.

Now that you know the exam pattern of AIPMT, you can sit and concentrate on your exam preparation without any confusion. Always remember to base your preparation on the exam pattern. You know now that you have to focus equally on all subjects and think about how to answer multiple choice questions with ambiguous answers.