On the basis of the AIPMT Counselling, candidates are selected for undergraduate (UG) Medical and Dental courses for admission to 15% of the seats on All India Quota except the States of Jammu & Kashmir and Andhra Pradesh. The counselling is conducted online primarily on the basis of AIPMT Score.

Here are the steps they follow:

1)Round One of Seat Allotment:

  1. The very first and foremost step includes the Counselling Registration, the Filling of choices, and the Indicative seat.
  2. This is conducted by the Medical Counselling committee, Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). This entire procedure takes around 6 days.
  3. The next 2 days are also allotted on exercising of Choices and locking of options.
  4. After the locking of the seats, the Process of Seat Allotment (Round 1) starts for 2 days.
  5. There is the publication of the Round 1 Results.
  6. Reporting at the respective allotted centres is done within a span of 10 days.


2)Round Two of Seat Allotment:

  1. The Process of seat Allotment Round 2 is conducted.
  2. Publication of the Round 2 results is done after that.
  3. Reporting at the respective centre after the completion of Round 2 takes up nearly 12 days.
  4. After the two Rounds are completed the compilation of the net vacant seats are done for the next 2 days.


3)Round Three of Seat Allotment:

  1. There is a third Round to be conducted hence the fresh choices and locking for Round 3 is done by then for registered the candidates. This procedure goes for a duration of 4 days.
  2. The Process of seat allotment is conducted for Round 3 for which takes up nearly 3 days. This is followed by the reporting at the centres for a good long 10 days.After the 3 Round of Counselling, the transfer of the vacant seats comes under the State quota.