Here are some guidelines to make better you with your preparation:

  1. Have the right mindset: either you are preparing for JEE Main or any other competitive examination; it is of paramount importance that you have the correct mindset. You need to believe in yourself and your hard work and if you are sure about it you will definitely clear the exam, that too with soaring colors. Remain calm, confident and determined while preparing for JEE Main.
  2. Manage your time: what better way to manage your time, than to create a timetable. Your timetable should have equal time for studies as well as relaxation time. A well-planned timetable will go a long way in executing your plans to ace the JEE Mains.
  3. Objective questions are the way: whether you like MCQs or not, you will have to fall in love with them if you want to crack the exam. Try solving at least twenty – thirty MCQs a day of any two subjects of your choice. In one month you would have done around six hundred questions, which is about 15 JEE main papers!
  4. Endeavour to solve as many mock papers as possible: solving JEE Main mocks will help you achieve better marks. Mock tests are designed in such a way, that you can analyze your performance and the amount of time you devote to every section. Moreover, you will also have a thorough understanding of the paper.
  5. Analyzing your ground: while practicing questions and solving mock papers is important, it is more so that you analyze where your shortcoming are, which portions are more time consuming for you, which topic questions went wrong and whether you were able to solve the questions in the set time limit. Also, an excellent practice to adopt would be that you look for shorter methods to solve the question which you just solved.
  6. Quality over Quantity: it doesn’t matter if you have spent ten hours or four hours, what matters is how you are spending that time. If you are at the study table do not waste any minute, sincerely put in your efforts and study. If you want to overtake and beat your competition, then you have to understand that hard work will take you all the way. Your teachers and parents will not hover over you anymore as they expect you to be mature enough to manage your own studies. 
  7. Take Care of yourself and try to avoid distractions: now is the time to really focus on your studies, as the other things can take a back seat for a while. Try to avoid any disturbance coming in the way during JEE Main Preparation. Friends and social networking sites can wait, but this limited time is of paramount importance and should only be devoted to studies.