The shortest answer to this BIG question is that it is not only studies and knowledge that matters but, there are certain other characteristics that an aspirant should possess or inbuilt to crack this reputed examination. Here is a short and revitalizing guideline on how to go about preparing for all such aspirants with the wish that they do get successful to achieve their dreams.

  • Put on your boots to work harder: You need to understand that JEE is not an easy nut to crack so to get the cream, you will have to perform like a cream person that is; work harder putting your best efforts and working on your weakness.
  • Be optimistic and face the failure: Always face the failure with the trust that it is telling you something about your weakness. Get hold of that weakness and work upon it. As JEE do not give you much chance, you will have to do this while you are in your school.
  • Focus on the goal: No doubt, school life is a hilarious part of life but, it is also the most precious time to prepare yourself to achieve your dreams. Do not repent to leave certain moments of enjoying and putting it in your studies. You have to concentrate on your aim, get serious about it and live it. You have to get passionate for it.
  • Most appropriate time: You must be thinking as to what would be the most appropriate time to develop all these characters then, class VIII is the time for you to start thinking about your future. And, Class IX is the best time to develop all these characteristics and work upon them. So, buckle up and get ready to improve upon yourself!
  • Eat right: Another very important aspect that students tend to forget is that they are supposed to eat healthy and keep their diet in check and some other students; well they forget to eat at all. None of these extremes are a very healthy way to live. Thus, one must eat well and ensure that he/she is getting all the required nutrients needed to remain fit and disease free.
  • Be truthful to yourself: Remember that you are working for your future and, there are no academics like exams to scale you. So, you have to make small targets and fulfill them daily and assess your capabilities by yourself. Don’t cheat on even the little things because even though you may be able to fool others, you will not be able to fool yourself and that will be harmful to you at the end of the day.
  • Get rid of your negative nature: You will have to get rid of all the negative characters like jealousy, selfishness with your mates and introversion. Get optimistic, bubbly and full of spirit because it is the selection of an individual and every individual is unique.
  • Draw your notes: Coaching Institutes are for your help so, do not completely depend on them. The notes prepared by yourself are precious and will pay you more.
  • Sleep right: Eating right is a must, of course, and so is sleeping right. Students who stretch their days into night without getting a sound sleep remain on a low level of arousal throughout, according to a study. So whether it is the day time that suits you better, or the night time, figure out your schedule and make sure it leaves you enough space to get a good amount of sleep. 6-8 hours of sleep is required in order to feel fresh and energized all the time.And, above all God only helps those who help themselves thus; do not depend on luck as it is the hard work and dedication that pay at last.