Cracking the JEE mains grants admission into The NIT’s (National institute of technology), IIIT’s (Indian institute of informational Technology), CFTIs (Central Funded Technical Institute). Cracking the mains exam gives eligibility to the candidate to appear for the JEE Advanced.                                        

The JEE advanced scores are considered by the IIT’s (Indian institute of technology) for admissions. Apart from the IIT’s many other institutes that are not directly linked with the JEE also consider the scores obtained by the students in the advance exam for admissions.

Characteristics of students who should apply for JEE Mains and Advanced

Focused :- All students applying for the JEE Mains need to be focused about their career goals and studies. The exams are tough and the competition is cutthroat. To secure a seat, all students need to be very focused about their plans for how to crack the exams and do well beyond them.

Career Oriented :- The students need to be career oriented and should have a clear picture of the course they need to enroll themselves into. The students must be very focused towards their careers due to the extremely high competition for seats in all colleges.

Passionate :- The candidate must be genuinely interested and passionate about their goals to become an engineer, they should be inspired by their desires and hopes to overcome all odds and secure their seat and work hard even after admission.

Hard working :- When studying for JEE, the candidates must focus on working hard for their aims and there should be no complacency in their preparations, reading and memorizing the syllabus one day before the exam is never enough. You need to have a thorough understanding of the subjects and must practice every day. It is not the kind of exam where you read just a day before and score well.

Innovative :- The students must be innovative in their approach and must be able to apply themselves and their intelligence into solving problems with a degree of ingenuity that sets the student apart from his/her competition. Innovation is the heart and soul of engineering and students must be innovative and smart to excel in the field.

Not pressurized :- The students should apply for the JEE and prepare for it on their own accord and they’re should be no parental or societal pressures on the student as the students who study and even crack the exam due to these pressures are playing with their own happiness and career stability. A student not passionate and under pressure to do something he/she does not love is always a liability to the institution.

Creative :- Every candidate must possess a certain creativity and zeal to make things different, they should be able to think outside the box and look at the problems in a way no one else could, creativity is a necessary quality in a field that depends solely on innovation.

Disciplined :- The students must be disciplined in their approach towards their studies and must not be complacent about their studies and work. An engineer must be well versed in the art of managing deadlines and working under the clock. Even during the JEE discipline is important in terms of pacing the syllabus and being faithful to your plans of how to study and not wavering from them.

Ability to handle pressure :- The field of engineering and the JEE exams are a long stretch of high pressure situations and must be handled calmly, a student aspiring to be an engineer must be able to withstand high pressure situations and not lose their cool when the time comes. The students should not be reckless under pressure and should not give up when hard-work is required in a short period of time.

Good work ethic :- Every engineering student must have a good work ethic and shouldn't shy away or run from their responsibilities. The student must be confident and intelligent about his work. They must also be straightforward in the way they deal with tasks at hand and must not be lazy or resentful while doing extra work during their course.