JEE Main: JEE-Main is the first of the two examinations. The students that pass the examination go into JEE-Advanced which is a much harder exam. Exam is for admission in IIITs (Indian Institutes of Technology), NITs (National Institutes of Technology), CFTIs (Central Funded Technical Institute) and other reputed colleges from round the country. Also Institutions funded by several participating State Governments, and several other Institutions shall involve the JEE.

Tips for JEE Ccounselling
Both of the counselling procedures of JEE Main and Advanced are fully online. The most important feature to keep in mind is choice filling. Students can only get their desired colleges if they go through detailed choice filling information and choose the best colleges.

Points to keep in mind

  1. Once the choice is locked it cannot be modified
  2. The first round seat and upgradation of second seat is fully based on choice filling.

JEE Mains- Attending seminars and proper guidance from teachers can make a good way for the candidates to get their desired colleges. Both IITs and NITs are reputed and are considered by various companies across the world.

Counseling guidelines


  • Branch selection process- In Selecting a branch, your first priority must be your interest; most do not have very defined preferences when they appear for Engineering. Interest is the prime concern. But if you are not too particular, then go for a branch which opens up opportunities.


  • Freezing your college- This is based on student’s decision and sometimes combined decision of parents and students. A good college change the way you study, the peer group is different, and the quality of placements is much better. Go into full detail about the college but make sure the degree is more important than collage because degree stays with you all.
  • Acing the counseling stage- Once you have frozen the list of colleges and list of branch preferences, now comes - creating college combinations for all the colleges you are likely to apply to or seek admissions. If you have given IIT-JEE, AIEEE, State entrance and some private colleges, this could mean repeating the process for each of the exam.
  • Seat allotment- Once you are allotted a seat you need to pay a deposit of Rs. 40,000 through ATM or NEFT or the nearest State Bank of India as registration fee. Candidates should contact their Zonal IITs (if they are admitted to IITs) or their respective colleges immediately.
  • Verification of documents- Once the documents of students are verified and they pay the initial fees, colleges issue a final allotment letter to students and they are granted provisional admission. However, if students fail to meet other eligibility criteria, their admission will be deemed cancelled.