What Is Iit

Am I eligible enough to apply for these exams

Persuasion of Technical courses has always been a craze in youth.The increased number of IIT s in the country has led more of the aspirants to appear for this examination and to get admission into Undergraduate Engineering Programs at IIIT s, NIT s and other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions....Read More

How board marks of 12th affect your probability of getting a good rank

It matters a lot how one performs in all five subjects in Class XII Boards, because that would determine your rank in JEE. Only by getting an alright score, the battle cannot be fully won. Candidates will have to do really well in their Board Exams too, since 40% weightage will given to all the five subjects in Class XII Boards and 60% to the Entrance test. This also implies that the non-science subjects like language and elective subjects should also be paid great attention to, along with Mathematics and Physics in Class XII, to secure a fine ranking in the merit list....Read More

Prepare for JEE the Right Way

Until recently, the JEE was IIT-JEE, which was just an entrance exam to get into the elite IITs. Now, the system has changed, and with the introduction of both JEE main and JEE advanced, preparation for it is pretty difficult. A few colleges like IIIT and NIT require just the JEE main (somewhat close to AIEEE before). The preparation still remains almost same, but students have to prepare at two levels. Both the preparations require the student to work day and night, slog over weekends, and sometimes students even forget the days. Such is the preparation required to enter into the elite colleges in India. ...Read More

Joint entrance examination

The JEE is the common all India entrance exam for almost all engineering colleges and courses. The exam is divided into 2 levels i.e. JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.....Read More

Advantages of learning from Scholars Learning

Scholar's Learning is an online educational services provider for not just school years but also for JEE that is a professional course for which students require proper guidance and attention. Scholar's Learning is the facilitator of 3 C's Convenient, Comfortable and Creative learning. They provide the students with a wider scope of learning experience....Read More

Eligibility criteria for appearing in JEE Mains

Candidates should not have taken admission or even accepted admission by paying admission fee at any of the IIT s or ISM in the past even candidates whose admission was cancelled are not eligible. However, candidates who have been admitted to a preparatory course in any of the IIT s in 2014 are eligible to appear for JEE (Advanced) 2015....Read More

How Scholars Learning can help

IIT-JEE is a competitive exam for aspiring engineers and architects. Students usually take coaching for this examination. Most of the students go to coaching centers and some of them prefer online coaching. Studying online has numerous advantages....Read More

List of IITs and their prominent features

The Indian Institutes of Technology or the IITs, as they are popularly known, are public institutions offering higher education to Indian students. Autonomous in nature, these institutes are the epitome of technical education in India. Set up post independence, the premise for the IITs was to offer sound technical eduactaion of the highest order to a nation in dire need of engineering excellence for developmental purposes. ...Read More

IIITs A Great Option to Pursue Your IT Dreams

IIITs may concern only those who are absolutely sure that their future lies only in Information Technology (IT). It is the most elite and prestigious institute in the country in this field. That is what IIIT is all about amazing infrastructure, out-of-the-world facilities and an amazing learning experience. However, it is not just for anyone, and to get into the elite, one needs to be in the elite himself, which is why a minimum of JEE main is required to get admission into this college. Any tech student coming out of these autonomous universities will not necessarily be specifically talented but will have a multitude of knowledge on almost all tech related subjects. ...Read More

NIT Creating pioneers not just engineers

Education is an asset which remains with an individual throughout his life. The more the person is educated, more knowledge he will have. Students now a day are very much concerned about their future. Each child wants to be independent and is concerned about higher studies. Education helps the person to unlock the doors of freedom. After schooling, every student wants to go into a reputed college which would make his concepts clear and make him a better man. ...Read More

List of other institutes where you can get admission through these exams

Don t be in despair if you haven t qualified for the IITs, NITs and IIITs. Your JEE Main and JEE Advanced scores can be used to obtain admission in other institutions in the country which are on par with these top institutions for the education they offer. The list of these institutions have been divided into two, with the institutions using JEE Main scores given first and the JEE Advanced scores mentioned after it....Read More

Placement scenario of aforementioned colleges

After education, what students worry most about is landing a job. Students most often choose the institution they would pursue their higher education in according to the placement scenario of the institutions. Here s a brief look at the placement prospects of the aforementioned colleges and the future prospects of studying there....Read More

Schedule you can follow

The advanced versions of Homo sapiens are regularly tested by some of the toughest national level exams like JEE (Advanced). Though, it is a dream of many to get admission to an IIT ISM but, there is only a handful of scholars that pass through the tough parameters of the examination. The BIG question any JEE aspirant has is What should I do to crack the JEE ...Read More

Tips for acing JEE Advanced

After cracking JEE Mains exam, the next hurdle in the road to IIT is JEE advanced. Not only is it more challenging than Mains but also more demanding in terms of syllabus coverage and practical application of learned concepts. Rote is not what IIT demands it is the application of what is learned and the many ways in which a concept can be applied which the students have to discover....Read More

Tips for acing JEE Mains

There is no magic involved in cracking one of the most competitive exams in the country- the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) except that which you can weave by your own firm and stout work. If you are committed enough, you can surely crack the JEE Mains....Read More

How to get the best college with your rank

JEE refers to Joint Entrance Examination which is an all India common engineering entrance examination. The examination is conducted for engineering aspirants to make their way in various engineering colleges and courses all over the country. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) came up with JEE in place of AIEEE and IIT-JEE. This made the Admission process split up in two parts namely, JEE-Main and JEE-Advanced. The minimum academic qualification for appearing in JEE Mains is that a candidate must have passed in the final examination of 10 2 (Class XII) or its equivalent referred to as the qualifying examination....Read More

The backstory Toppers of last five years and how they made it

The JEE topper of 2010 - Anumula Jithendar Reddy He is from Andhra Pradesh and topped IIT JEE in 2010. Although a hostel kid who spent time with friends, he managed to get on to the top without really studying for 10 to 12 hours. He was a hardworking and dedicated person and his time management is, according to him, the reason for his success....Read More

What are the other options available if I cant get through IIT

We all know that the current scenario of the IITs with reference to the competition has become almost chaotic. In this dog-eat-dog world, students are racing for the seats at a pace that is unimaginable. Every year millions of students compete to achieve their goals i.e. getting through the IITs that are regarded as the heavens of intelligence. But people forget that seats are limited and only a few students will be able to make it. Citizens of India has high hopes now since our government has launched fresh set of IITs but still they too fall short of the students that become outnumber the seats most of the times. If you think about it, then who can be blamed for all these issues Overpopulation or The Government Well, to be very honest nothing to be blamed in particular....Read More

What is JEE advanced

An examination conducted for determining entrance into engineering colleges and courses Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is conducted at an all India level. It consists of two parts JEE Main and JEE Advanced....Read More

What is JEE Main

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is a common entrance test for engineering, conducted at an all India level and having two parts JEE Main and JEE Advanced. This exam is used as a basis for admission into the various engineering colleges and courses in India....Read More

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