There are some important tips to crack the exam.                                                                                            Gain as much knowledge as you can about the UPSC structure and the CSAT exam. This will help you to get a clear idea of what you are going to attempt.

Read the current newspapers regularly. However, reading the old newspapers may be helpful as well because you can get some information regarding some important general issues that were happened in long before.

General Awareness

•    Do a detailed study on various subjects like language, art, science, defense of India, culture, heritage, history, civics, geography, sports, environment, agriculture, constitution, etc.

•    Read the books of HSC and SSC standard to get knowledge about the general science.

•    Thorough knowledge in Math and English is also required.

Writing Skill

The questions of the preliminary tests are of multiple choices and objective type. To qualify for the main written exam you need to pass the preliminary written test.

Verbal Skill

•    Once you pass the preliminary test, you need to be prepared for the main exam where you need to face the interview board. You should have fluency in English language while communicating with the interviewers.

•    If you think that your English speaking power is not very impressive, then you can join any short type Spoken English course to enhance your skill.

•    Reading English newspapers and watching news on English channels in TV can help you to augment your fluency and vocabulary.

Some General Tips:

•    We offer mock tests to the interested candidates to check their preparation before the real exam. Take part in such exams as many times as possible.

•    Try to solve the question papers of the previous years and see how fast and correctly you can solve them.

•    Never be late for the exam. Reach there at least 1 hour before so that you do not need to do any hurry at the least moment.

•    Carefully listen to all the instructions given by the invigilator as well as read the instructions mentioned in the question paper.

•    Check the question papers again and again and try to select the questions that you can answer easily. Try them first and then come to the difficult ones.

•    Be sure about the right answer before your put the “tick mark” on the option. But do not waste your time in thinking.

•    Be careful about making any alteration in your answer paper. It can lead you to disqualification.

•    Be confident on yourself and your ability. Do not try to copy from the others.

•    Be careful about negative marking.