Pros of coaching classes

  • Systematic path - The course is structured in a proper way and they guide on what is important and what is not for CAT preparation.
  • Schedule - The coaching classes have a proper schedule of classes, so that all your topics are covered in the available time.
  • Expert guidance - They train one's mind beyond the apparent and impart intelligence-based training.
  • Trouble shooter - If one is stuck at a point or a question, the experts would clear the doubt which saves time and provide tips for similar questions.
  • Motivation and focus - The mentors share some experiences and mantras to keep one motivated towards the preparation.
  • Peer interaction - The coaching classes gives one a platform to assess one's performance versus other peers which gives you an idea about the competition.
  • Package - A few coaching centres offer classes and mock tests as a package. Onlinemock tests are essential to get the real feel of the exam.

Cons of coaching classes

  • Location - It is important to check that one doesn't spend a lot of time, money and effort in travelling to the coaching class.
  • Fees/Money - Fees is a key concern to many who cannot afford these coaching classes because they charge a lot.
  • Quality & Credibility - It is vital to select a promising and recognized coaching centre.
  • Size of the batch - Coaching centres have a huge batch, where personal attention is not given.

Pros of online preparation

  • Convenience - One would save time by taking online classes where no commuting is required. One can take classes at home or work.
  • Fees - The course fees is not as much of the physical coaching classes.
  • Interaction - Despite of a large batch one-on-one interaction is possible where one can solve doubts. It is advisable for those who are shy and have the fear of being ridiculed at in a classroom.
  • Flexibility - There is flexibility in one's schedule. One may study according to his/her convenience (in the night after work).
  • Online study material - It is easy to carry and read online study material anywhere.
  • Repeat - One can study the same topic again through videos ,if he/she is unable to understand it at once.

Cons of Online preparation

  • Class room discussions - One would miss out on classroom peer discussions which are important for the preparation.
  • Technological Glitch - One should have a fast internet connection to study online.

If one needs constant guidance, physical classes are advisable. Whereas if one has the patience and remains self motivated, online preparation is recommended. One can go through all the pros and cons of both the approaches, and then they can finally decide on the approach that can prove to be beneficial for them.