1) About IBPS

Established in the year 1975, the IBPS has had one purpose that is to provide a platform for banks and bank job aspirants to smoothen the requirement procedure. The Indian Banking Industry is very vast and new opportunities come up every now and then. IBPS helps in the selection of candidates via exams. IBPS is reorganised by the Indian Government and has been conducting regular exams to meet the requirements of various banks for new jobs in the banking sector.

2) About CWE (PO)

IBPS has a Common Written Exam as a part of the selection process for the candidates. Among Banking jobs the position of PO, that is the Bank Probationary Officer has now emerged to be the most sought job in the banking sector, in recent times. With the growing demand and the cut throat competition any bank PO aspirant has to be proactive and start his or her preparation for the IBPS CWE to get an edge over others.

3) Preparing for IBPS CWE with Scholar’s Learning

Successful candidates do often start their preparations right from their college days. These exams can be a little tricky. But with Scholar’s Learning, you can get all the updated material and stay informed in every basic essential detail to get selected. Scholar’s Learning provide you with tips and tricks to get the preparation done well in time and with smoothness. The thing with advance preparation is often the anxiety and the apparent vastness. We at Scholar’s Learninghave course and material designed and planned by experts.

4) What makes Scholar’s Learning different from other e-learning portals?

  • Scholar’s Learning is the most interactive and easy to grasp e-portal that you can find.
  • We have the most legible and sorted system for all your needs. With handle on key topics, option to bookmark your topics of doubts and/ or special attention.
  • We strive to help all age group of students to achieve their goals and stay motivated and zealous in the journey.

5) What we offer for IBPS CWE?

  • Catalogued topics and material to make learning more systematic.
  • Online video tutorials and video lectures accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • Expert talks for career choice and path in the banking sector.
  • Engaging and fun to learn interface.
  • Not just bookish knowledge but more instigating materials to burst more interest and gather more knowledge in a fun to learn way.
  • Alongside the IBPS CWE course syllabus, our registered students can also take part in virtual conferences and question answer sessions with experts.
  • Scholar’s Learning has the largest question bank for IBPS exams and solutions.
  • We provide students with regular self assessment tests for them to keep track of their improvement.
  • The tests are designed to check the skills and learning of the student.
  • We have dynamically generated reports of the test. These reports indicate all the areas of strength and weakness of students.
  • Our reports are also accompanied with a dedicated tip and suggestive content that can help the student improve upon their weak areas.
  • Scholar’s Learning also has dedicated forums for discussion of doubts and methods for questions in and out of the question bank.
  • Students registered with Scholar’s Learning have access to the solutions of all previous years IBPS CWE and they can pose questions and doubts as comments and have a discussion with tutors and/ or students.
  • Periodical Quizzes for students on the updated IBPS CWE pattern is also conducted by Scholar’s Learning to keep all students on toes and the results being nationwide give the students an idea of their standing as a bank employee aspirant.

Scholar’s Learning believes in providing "Knowledge beyond Books". And with that mission our professional experts in learning and education design all our course material to reap the maximum knowledge in students.