If you are also one of the aspirants of bank PO looking for the responsibilities of a PO then you are going through the right page. The job of a probationary officer starts once he is posted and after the completion of 2 years training, a PO gets the post of Assistant Manager. The basic job of a PO is normal banking but for this they should possess good communication skills and a calm mind which can solve the conflicts.

A bank PO has certain responsibilities during the training period and the responsibilities increase after the training is completed.

1) The responsibilities during the training period are:

  • During the training period the candidate can be asked to perform any kind of bank related activity. This training period is given to the candidates to ensure that they get accustomed with the procedures of a bank.
  • The candidates are given the practical knowledge of various areas associated with banking. They are taught how to handle finance, accounting, marketing and investment. This is done by trusting them with the routine jobs of a bank which includes scrolling, account preparation, etc.

2) Responsibilities after the training period is over:

  • Once the training period is over the candidate gets the post of Assistant Manager for handling daily customer requirements. Passing a cheque, issuing a draft are the responsibilities of Assistant Manager.
  • Assistant Manager also has to work for increasing the business of the bank by managing the loans and the cash flows of the business.
  • PO also works as a public relations officer. Public relations officer handles the complaints of the customers. The customer related issues such as discrepancies in accounts, rectification of charges and many more are looked by PO.
  • Once the person is comfortable with the environment of bank and gains experience in this field they can be assigned more responsibilities. They then have to work in planning, budgeting, loan processing and approval and many other important areas of the bank.
  • Managerial tasks are also looked after by the PO. Supervision of clerical work, managing cash balances and taking decisions for the benefit of the bank are the responsibilities of a PO.
  • PO also needs to verify the work done by bank clerk. A bank follows a maker and checker policy. If the clerk is the maker of cash transaction, PO is the checker. Hence, even after checking errors remain, the responsibility lies with the checker.
  • ATM cards, cheque books and Demand Drafts are issued by a bank PO.
  • Loan related documents must also be looked after by the bank PO.

The job of a PO has great career growth as compared to other government jobs. The more skillful you, get the more promotions you receive.