Why preparation

IBPS exams are considered as some of the toughest exams to crack. Hence, rigorous preparation must be done to excel it. There are mainly two modes of preparation available: online and offline preparation.  Both the online and offline preparation modes have their own pros and cons.


Pros and Cons of Offline and Online Preparation

1) Availability

  • The traditional classroom method of preparation has always been face to face. Classroom method is considered to be most effective and involved method of teaching. In the presence of a well informed mentor, the concepts can be easily taught. Doubts can be cleared at the place in same time. This classroom method is useful when the candidate can properly dedicate his time to the schedules of the Coaching Centre. This can also be called as offline preparation.
  • With the wide versatility in candidate’s profile, it has been realized that even working professionals are now opting for this examination. Hence time is a constraint for them. Thus, the online method of preparation is now gaining immense popularity. The courseware is available at anytime, anyplace.

2) Time

  • Offline IBPS preparation is always time constrained.  The center’s have some predefined schedules and the candidate is supposed to attend the classes in those time slots.
  • On the other hand, certain online preparation centres are available that upload their classes in video format. Students can access these videos any time for anywhere. Doubt clearing sessions are also organized by these sites. This helps in overall preparation.

3) Testing Methods

  • Offline Centre’s test the growth of their students on the basis of paper tests. The checking procedure has the probability of high error.
  • The mode of IBPS tests has now been changed to online. Thus, candidates prefer online mode over offline tests. It helps them in gaining an on exam day experience. They can further test their accuracy and time management. These traits hold high importance in excelling the examination. Hence regular practice of online tests will make them used to the procedure and help them in having an experience before hand.

4) Developments in coaching mode

With the changing trends, now a day, coaching centres are adopting smart methods of teaching.

  • They develop a method where they can reach their students in both offline and online.
  • With weekdays and weekend classes they provide classroom assistance to them, whereas they also provide online lectures and tests in their portals.
  • Their students can get the study materials shipped to their addresses.  
  • They offer material that is put together by experts in their field and thus ensure that the student will get a good quality of education online if not otherwise.

Thus, offline and online centres for IBPS both have their own benefits and you must choose the one that suits you better.