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Selected Subject : Physics

Atoms and nuclei
Centre of Mass and Circular Motion
Charge and Electic Field
Current and Electricity
Motion in One and two Dimension
Elasticity and Fluid statics
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
First Law of Thermodynamics
Gauss's Law and Potential
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Laws of Motion
Logic Gate
Magnetism optical Instruments,oscillations
Radiation and Heat Transfer
Rotational Mechanics
Semiconductor Electronics
Spherical Mirrors
Surface Tension, Viscous Force and Fluids in Motion
Thermal Expansion and Calorimetry
Units and Measurements
Waves optics
Work, Energy, Power and Momentum
Electromagnetic Waves and Principles of Communication
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiations
Electrostatics and Electrodynam
Rotalional motion and moment of Inertia
Solids and Fluids
Solids and Semi Conductor Devices
Heat and Thermodynamics
Statics and Dynamics
Thermal and Chemical Effects of Electrical Curremt
Transference of Heat
Ray Optics


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