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SSC CGL Details- Eligibility, Exam Date and Registration Process

Looking to get a job in government sector, than jobs through SSC CGL is the best way to get them. The demand for government jobs are increasing on daily basis due to lifetime facilities and the high pay package. With the implementation of the 7 pay commission in the pipeline, the salary of every government officials are likely to increase by 40 to 50%.

What is CGL?

CGL is Combined Graduate Level Exam, conducted by Staff Selection commission SSC for the recruitment of different central posts like Inspector in IT/Central Excise/Dept of post, Divisional Accountant SI in CBI, Assistant, Auditor, UDC, Junior Accountant, UDC etc.

Can I appear for SSC CGL?

To apply for SSC CGL there are various eligibility criteria’s which need to be fulfilled by the candidates, from educational qualification to age to physical standards there are various requirements. The details are mentioned below: -

  • Educational Criterion: - Bachelor Degree or equivalent from any recognized institute is the minimum educational qualification required to appear for SSC CGL. However different post requires specialization in different subjects and for some post higher degree like masters is also required.
  • Age Limit: - Various post have various age requirements, however most of the post have minimum age criteria of 18 years and maximum of 27 years. Some post have the maximum limit to 32 years also. However there is realization of age limit as per the government norms in few criteria’s like: -

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A spherical capacitor consists of an inner sphere of diameter 6 cm and outer sphere of diameter 10 cm. The space between the two concentric spheres is filled with a medium of dielectric constant 80. What is the capacitance of the capacitor?
2.34 nF
1.33 nF?
2.66 nF
3.99 nF
For two events A and B, if P(A)=P(A/B)=1/4and P(B/A)=1/2, then
A and B are independent
All of the above
Assuming the balls to be identical except for difference in colours, the number of ways in which one or more ball can be selected from 10 white , 9 green and 7 black ball is
For concave mirror, if the object is at the focus point F, the image is
real and at focus
virtual and at radius of curvature
real and imperceptible
virtual and at infinity imperceptible
Spot the wrong statement. The acceleration due to gravity 'g' decreases if
we go down from the surface of the Earth towards its centre
we go up from the surface of the Earth
we go from the equator towards the poles on the surface of the Earth
the rotational velocity of the Earth is increased

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